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website or web site
Website Definition of Website by Merriam-Webster.
Definition of Web site for Students.: a group of World Wide Web pages usually containing links to each other and made available online by an individual, company, or organization. Learn More about website. Nglish: Translation of website for Spanish speakers Britannica English: Translation of website for Arabic speakers.
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What is the difference between webpage, website, web server, and search engine? Learn web development MDN.
A collection of web pages which are grouped together and usually connected together in various ways. Often called a web" site" or simply a site" web server. A computer that hosts a website on the Internet. A website that helps you find other web pages, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
Is it Web site or website? Future Perfect.
Just as you would not write buildingsite or constructionsite, some suggested showing the derivation of this phrase by retaining it as two words, coming from a World Wide Web site. However, now, as language and particularly that from the world of IT evolves so quickly, mostly, we see: website.
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AP Stylebook surrenders the battle over Web site vs. website Lisa Gold: Research Maven.
This article still doesnt make a definitive statement on whether or not its Website, Web site, Web-site, website, or web site as evidenced by the parenthetical notation formal usage still calls for Web site, in recognition of the initiatives of the World Wide Web Consortium write Web-site as an adjective.
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Website or Web Site Which is Correct? Writing Explained.
Since website and webpage are each spelled as a single word with no capitalization, you can use the similarity between these terms as a reminder that website is the correct spelling variant here. Is it website or web site? Website, website, Web site, and website are all variants of the same noun, which means a page on the Internet.
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Which is proper: Web site, web site, or website? Professional Web Development Design.
Professional Web Development Design. Which is proper: Web site, web site, or website? We once had a pool on how long it would take before website took over as the standard term. While the victory is not yet complete, the single word, un-capitalized, seems to be gaining wider acceptance.
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Is it website or Web site? A Social Media Grammar Lesson from the AP.
Social Media Marketing. Is it website or Web site? A Social Media Grammar Lesson from the AP. By Christina Milanowski on March 3, 2014. Editor's' Note: Revised in February 2017, this article originally published in February 2013 and has been featured on Grammar Girl, Yahoo!
Web site vs. website Grammarist.
While Web site is still doing well in the U.S, it is all but dead in the U.K. Current Google News searches limited to U.K. publications find only about one instance of Web site or web site for every thousand instances of website.

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